2006 Inductees


Joy Beaver graduated from Bethany High School, 1942. She began a 52-year teaching career at Bethany Public Schools in 1946 and taught second grade music in elementary, junior and senior high school.

Dr. Beaver served as Bethany's first District Teacher of the Year, 1955. She retired from SNU December 2005 after 40 years in Teacher Education and as Founder and Director of SNU School for Children.
Joy's two daughters, Gina and Jill, graduated from BHS in 1974 and 1979. Her granddaughter, Erin McGary, is a sophomore at BHS. Dr. Beaver's father, Herman Beaver, entered first grade in 1910, the year Bethany Public Schools opened.


Larry DeKinder is a proud parent and Bethany School District Volunteer. Larry has three children whom attended Bethany Public Schools their entire public school journey (K-12). His wife, Jacquie, served on the Bethany Board of Education.

Larry has been involved with the Drug Free Program within the Bethany School District, the Gifted and Talented Program, served on the BHS Parent Advisory Committee, and was PTO President in the elementary school. He initiated use of the Horseshoe Logo along with two other parents; Gary Plemons and Rob Wilson. Larry also served as a sports reporter for the Bethany Tribune Review, exclusively covering Broncho Football for over 12 years. He is been a trustee for the Bethany Public School Foundation from its inception.
Larry stated, "The Bethany Public School System is the GREATEST in the State; I am and always will be proud of it. The system purveys excellence to all, unconditionally; a fruit to be picked, one just has to reach for it. I have been privileged and blessed to have this great experience. In my heart I will always be a Broncho, purple and white, fight, fight, fight!"


Tom Hoskison is a 1956 graduate of Bethany High School. Tom has been a member of the Bethany Public School Foundation and serves on the Alumni Golf Committee.

Mr. Hoskison has distinguished himself in the US as an athlete, teacher, coach, scholar, labor relations expert, business man, entrepreneur, and consultant. Much of his values and beliefs have deep roots in Bethany and Bethany Public Schools to which he is eternally grateful.