It is our desire to be supportive of the Bethany Public Schools.  This is accomplished by our continued sincere efforts in making Bethany Public Schools a place where students can receive a high quality well rounded education.  Our support is given through our attendance at school events and through our financial support when appropriate.

Who are the Bethany Alumni

Former students and their spouses!  Past and present employees of Bethany Public Schools!  Members of the local community who share our common interests in the Bethany Public Schools!


We hope to bridge the gap of a productive past and the bright future of our current students.


It is our desire to help the present students understand the value of receiving an education from Bethany Public Schools by showing with pride the accomplishments made by its alumni.

We do this by offering a number of events that allow us to stay in touch with one another and with the next generations of alumni.  These events allow us to show our support and love for the Bethany Public Schools.  We want to be leaders in creating a positive environment for administrators, teachers, support staff and students of Bethany Public Schools